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For years people have diversified their portfolios into physical gold and silver for protection and privacy.  Whether you are an experienced precious metals investor or have been considering for the first time, there is never been a better time to invest in precious metals.  With the current economic crisis due to reckless government spending piling up on a global scale, it is no surprise why savvy investors are running to gold and silver for protection.

Over the past decade, gold and silver has outperformed bonds, mutual funds, CDs the S&P and Dow Jones, As the government continues to print record amounts of money, the cost of goods and services increase greatly putting economic strain on hard working American families.

In 1933 the cost of a well-made gentlemen’s suit would cost on average $20.00 or one ounce of gold. Today, with the reckless policies of the Federal Reserve and irresponsible over spending by the current administration, the dollar has declined to the point where $20.00 can only buy you a handkerchief for that suit. The same ounce of gold has kept up with the rate of inflation and can still buy you a well-made suit.

Americans must begin protecting their assets immediately against the financial meltdown that is leading to government overreach, social uprising, and extreme stock market volatility. Many renowned market experts have warned that we are headed for the worst financial depression in history and that precious metals will play a vital part in protecting your means of purchasing. The consequences of global government debt are building up to create a massive economic tsunami that will soon come crashing down. It is no mystery why central banks and savvy investors running to safe haven assets like gold and silver.

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