At Capital Gold Exchange, financial security is our main concern. Our goal is to provide exceptional service with honesty and integrity resulting in a mutual benefit, long lasting relationship. It is critical that we stick to our core values above anything else, we firmly believe in always telling the truth. We specialize in offering  high quality gold and silver investments at competitive pricing with superior full-service support tailored to you. Our gold and silver specialists are seasoned trackers of the market, we will assist you in building a balanced portfolio with physical gold, silver, or platinum and even palladium. Whether you are looking to secure your retirement account in an IRA, 401K/403B or privately hedge yourself against an unstable dollar, geopolitical concerns and government deficits, Capital Gold Exchange has a solution for you. With CGX, it is easy to buy and easy to sell.
If you are considering purchasing precious metals for the first time we welcome you and would like to offer you our free and easy step-by-step guide to buying and selling precious metals. Gold and silver are great tangible assets that historically hold value and that is why smart investors who are looking for an inflationary hedge choose CGX. For long-term savings, a special gift, or simply to have valuable tangible assets in your portfolio, have confidence in us as we are passionate in this field. Our years of experience will help you navigate through the process of buying and selling precious metals. If you have precious metals that you are interested in selling, Capital Gold Exchange is happy to assist you and can even come to you if you have a large collection.
Precious metals have been used as a form of currency since the beginning of civilization and are still viewed today as a critical way to protect and store wealth. At Capital Gold Exchange, we stand apart by offering the most competitive pricing nationwide, fast and secure transactions, shipping, and exceptional service. Capital Gold Exchange looks forward to helping you achieve financial peace of mind with precious metals ownership.
”CGX was recommended to me by a close friend. I knew I needed to get some protection in my portfolio but had never invested in physical gold. The experts at CGX were knowledgable and made the process incredibly easy. My gold was delivered exactly in the time frame they told me. I feel better about my finances having a portion of my wealth in gold.”
John P.
”Before making my purchase of gold and silver, I researched many companies looking for the best price. Not only did I find CGX have the most competitive prices, they were patient and a pleasure to deal with. They took the time to listen to my needs and answer all of my questions. They were never pushy. I was very pleased with the service that I received from CGX and will use them again in the future.”
William F.

“Chris A. really knows the trends of gold and silver and knew exactly what to recommend to me to purchase. We always had great dialogue and always kept me in the loop. I am extremely pleased with him and his company.”

Stanley L.